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Promoting the culture of hip hop and the music inspired by it..

Here you will find, Hip Hop Music, Culture, Mixtapes, Freestyles, Live Cyphers, Movie Reviews, Sneaker Release Info, Education, News, Health, Spiritual Growth and Economic News #SupportTheMovement #JustTheMusic #TheRealThing #NoGimmickz #MoreMusicLessDrama #Beatbanga77




Message From Lead Editor/ CEO Raasz Melodic

You may see many different topics on Beatbanga77.com, my goal is to still stick to the core Elements of Hip Hop, with emphasis on these skilled talents.

  1. Emceeing
  2. DJing

On this subject,  many will submit a ton of music. You WILL NOT find the so called mumble raps being pushed here by the me on the Raasz List section  , but a blend is needed to continue the progress of the culture. You may find movie trailers, fashion, sports, and even a little RnB and pop music for a good audience blend, but anything made to directly degrade, water down and blatantly ignore these two BASIC skills; Emceeing and DJing will not be accepted as Hip Hop and/or promoted by the me here on Beatbanga77.com.

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