Apathy & O.C. – Perestroika (Promo Singles) *Album Now In Stores!


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Apathy & O.C. – Perestroika (Promo Singles) *Album Now In Stores!






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“When you do the knowledge behind the idea of perestroika, it all boils down to reconstruction. And that’s a concept we all relate to, whether it be socially, politically or consciously.”—O.C. on the meaning behind the title of his new collaborative album with Apathy

Despite the political drama between the U.S. and Russia, there was always something special about the Russian people and their culture that inspired Apathy. The gifted rapper-producer grew up in the Cold War era of the ‘80s and has been fascinated by the Soviet Union’s mystique ever since. So when he and O.C. connected at an Organized Konfusion show some years ago, it was inevitable that the two would unite for their concept album, ‘Perestroika.’

Both wordsmiths have worked together previously—where O.C. appears twice on Ap’s 2016, ‘Handshakes With Snakes’—but ‘Perestroika’ is a celebration of what a collaborative rap record should sound like. Their rhymes are complementary in every sense, whether they’re tackling serious issues on the title track, or showing love for their fans on “Globetrotters.” The merger of both artists is one fueled by a mutual passion for the craft, and the finished product reflects their ability to play to each other’s strengths.

Vocals aside, the production value of Perestroika further conceptualizes the album theme. In addition to the innovative sample flips—most of which were produced by Apathy himself—you’re also treated to various Hip-Hop Easter eggs throughout, whether it’s De La Soul’s influence on “What It’s All About,” the abundance of winter-themed Hip-Hop quotables found on the scratch hook for “Winter Winds,” or Ghostface Killah’s vocals getting sliced to perfection on “Gorbachev,” courtesy of Chumzilla.

Beyond just being full of quality Boom bap, Perestroika represents restructuring for the artists themselves. As O.C. explains, “The album deals with change, and that’s something that’s inevitable for all human beings.” Likewise, Ap says that the idea of restructuring is “definitely meant to be taken literally.” Not just for rebuilding this music, but also “rebuilding our brands and sounds.”

‘Perestroika’ is just the beginning, and a convincing way to usher in something new from two of Hip-Hop’s finest. The 12 track LP includes features from Celph Titled, Slaine, Jus Cuz and more, and also boasts production from Moss and ILLINFORMED. Head over to the digital retailer or streaming platform of your choice to support the album, or visit the Demigodz online store to purchase Perestroika in your preferred format (various bundle packages are available).

01. Live from the Iron Curtain
02. Tomorrow Is Gone (feat. Slaine & Kappa Gamma)
03. Soviet Official
04. Winter Winds (feat. Marvalyss)
05. Covey Leader to Raven
06. No More Soft Shit
07. Gorbachev
08. The Broadcast
09. Perestroika
10. STOMKILLCRUSHMODE (feat. Celph Titled)
11. What It’s All About
12. Globetrotters (feat. Jus Cuz)

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