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Wally Clark – Television News




What a strange world we live in. It seems like everyday, there is some new scandal or ridiculous development in the reality television show that is America. Out of frustration, and frankly because it’s hard to talk about anything else these days, Wally Clark created Goodbye America; a two song opus addressing the foolishness that we are facing. On “Save The World,” Clark acts as superhero, running around beating up bigots who spread hate and fear. It is a relatable sentiment given the current climate. The second song “Television News,” is about the unescapable fuckery that is presented each day by our political leaders through news channels and social media. Without being preachy, and with his trademark dry wit, Clark sacastically muses, “Is this the last season of America?”

Hopefully, you will identify with these songs, and they will help you through these trying times. If you enjoy it, please share with your friends and family.


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GummySoul Wally Clark – Television News
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