To my core audience to me this beef is giant sleep fest for what I enjoy in hip hop. Bars and beats.. But to the world it seems like this is heavy weight slug out. I tried to ignore the 7 minute Remy ftrack or about an hour and I was wondering what would happen if I posted it here on And the song was the biggest thing that happend for this week. So clearly yall care a whole lot more than I thought. And’s whole ammo is serving the UNDERGROUND.. So wtf are yall doing here if you claim your straight hip hop. And as for me Im just postin this to see how yall click demographically. lol….




On Joe in this interview, I always rocked with DITC, The (FAT) Fat Joe .. The guy sitting here with Wendy I thought would never sit there with Wendy but he definatly would argue much different cause he’s there chillin… I just dont know how to post this clip with out this disclaimer. WE HERE AT are Underground hip hop. But this story this week IS THEE giant elephant in the room for hip hop this week. No ((Pun)) well lack of a better phrase, intended. Speaking of BIG PUN. Would he rock with this if he were still here? What about lil Pun. Chris Rivers. One of the illests on the mic these days. Would he be ok with this? Ok Im tpin way to much and I never do I just post ill music..


One last thing… I just want to know what my audience feels about this. I rocks with both of these artists.  Remy and Joe. I buy their music. DITC just did a bunch of music last year. Why does this Wendy interview look wrong for hip hop to me? I thought dis songs and day time television slushy couch interviews cant mix. But who am I I just posted one here on Somethings wrong!



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