Shonte Renee Sex Symbol #EP

Shonte Renee
Sex Symbol


Across the EP, Renee brings alluring and sexually enticing teases and temptations on tracks like “Come Get It,” “Freak It” and “Right Now.”

In addition to the new project, Shonte has unveiled a music video for the honest, forthright track “Ruthless.” Where she gets open and blunt about her sexual desires.

“If you’re looking for love, you came to the wrong place,” she sings. “All I want to do is fuck, ain’t looking for a soulmate / I just want the drawers / Boy that’s all / Thought only n***as could do this, than you must be foolish / N***a I’m ruthless.”

Hailing from Atlanta, Shonte Renee is poised to become a dominant performer in the music industry.

Her ‘Sex Symbol‘ EP is available on iTunes and all digital music platforms now. Stream it now below via Soundcloud.






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