Slaine vs. Termanology – “Anti Hero” ft. Bun B & Everlast

Slaine vs. Termanology – “Anti Hero” ft. Bun B & Everlast [prod. by DJ Premier] Official Video


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Tracklisting & Credits For Slaine Vs Termanology’s Anti Hero:

1. “Still Here” (Produced by The Arcitype)
2. “Anti-Hero” Ft. Bun B & Everlast (Produced by DJ Premier)
3. “Life Of A Drug Addict” (Produced by Evidence)
4. “Some Other Sh*t” Ft. Madchild (Produced by Statik Selektah)
5. “Apocalypse” Ft. Nems & Ill Bill (Produced by Billy Loman)
6. “Land Of The Lost” (Produced by Statik Selektah)
7. “Bringing Much Terror” Ft. Chris Rivers (Produced by Psycho Les)
8. “Blink Of An Eye” Ft. Ras Kass (Produced by Statik Selektah)
9. “Snakes” Ft. Sick Jacken & Jared Evan (Produced by Termanology & Artisin
Co-Prod By The Arcitype)
10. “The Demon’s Peace” (Produced by The Arcitype)
11. “It Doesn’t Matter” (Produced by DC The Midi Alien)
12. “Blood In My Eyes” Ft. Ea$y Money (Produced by Billy Loman)
13. “Comeback Story” (Produced by The Arcitype)
14. “Came A Long Way” Ft. Conway (Produced by Billy Loman)




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